The Illusions of Perfection is a collection of experiences and epiphanies expressed in the only way Shynae’s heart knows to speak: poems, quotes and notes.


This new chapter of Shynae’e life, motherhood, caused her to examine complex relationships and  belief systems. Shynae learned that perception and her worldview had a direct correlation to her upbringing and childhood. Shynae’s roles as mother, daughter, and partner all collided and  forced her to relinquish the fairytale she had always envisioned for herself. 


As the rose slowly blossomed from the concrete, Shynae discovered the other side of people she thought she knew. The Illusion of Perfection recants how all of these interactions and revelations have added more dimension to Shynae’s understanding of the world.


The Illusions of Perfection is a documented journey of coming to terms with life minus the fairytale.

The Illusions of Perfection Paperback

  • Format: Paperback

    Pages: 128

    Size: 5.25 X 8 

    Publication Date: 05/29/2021

    ISBN: 9781097499212

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